Gerber 2017 Pricing Guide Page A2 What's New

GERBER FULL LINE US PRICE LIST VOLUME 9 A2 WHAT'S NEW BRASS Riverdale collection in Tumbled Bronze Bathroom faucets (A23, A25) Tub & Shower (A30, A33) Roman Tub (A44-A45) Bath Drains (A59) Finishes FIXTURES Decorative Products The Hinsdale Suite (B22) 1.28 ErgoHeight Toilet (B29) & Standard & Petite Pedestal (B72-B73) Bathroom Sinks- Available in Standard and Petite Avalanche Pedestal (B78) Viper Pedestal (B79) Luxoval Undercounter Sinks - Round or Oval and Concealed Front Overflow (B87) Viper Toilets 0.9/1.2 gpf Dual Flush Two Piece Toilet (B48) 1.0 gpf Single Flush Two Piece Toilet (B48) Toilet-in-Box - Round Front & Elongated (B50) Commercial Products Monitor 0.125-1.0 gpf Retrofit Pint Top Spud Urinal (B112) Lafayette 0.125-1.0 gpf Retrofit Pint Top Spud Urinal (B112) Avalanche Chrome Lever Option Tank (B40-B45) PRO FE S IO NAL PER F O R M AN CE Chrome Brushed Nickel Tumbled Bronze

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