Gerber 2017 Pricing Guide Page B93 Commercial Products-Fixtures

GERBER FIXTURES US PRICE LIST VOLUME 9 COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS B93 For more information, please visit PRO FE S IO NAL PER F O R M AN CE Ultra Flush Series of Back Outlet Toilets Page B98, B100, B101 and B105 Maxwell Series of Back Outlet Toilets Page B60 and B64 North Point Series of Back Outlet Toilets Page B110 WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK...OUTLET! 21-325 20-021 20-022 25-878 25-038 25-033 Gerber offers the widest selection of back outlets with the best MaP Score in the industry. Perfect for various applications including hospitality, multi-family (high-rise condos or apartments), student housing and even single family homes, the gravity back outlet solutions out perform other products in the category and are much quieter than their pressure-assisted counterparts. We understand there is a high demand for back outlet toilets, which is why we designed the best back outlet solutions in the industry.

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