Gerber 2018 Pricing Guide Page IC Introduction

Since 1932, Gerber has been a leader in the plumbing fixtures industry by focusing on and earning the trust and respect of plumbing professionals. Over the decades, Gerber has become synonymous with quality and performance by offering an impressive lineup of residential and commercial plumbing products. Gerber's comprehensive lineup is sold exclusively to the plumbing professional and is supported with "Best-in-Class" customer service. = National Distribution QUALITY AND SERVICE Quality and reliability are the top priorities of every Gerber employee with each one maintaining and delivering on that promise. Our Canadian-based customer service team is empowered to provide real solutions to drive customer satisfaction. WARRANTY Gerber products are among the most reliable out there and we are proud to stand behind them with industry-leading warranty coverage and support. DISTRIBUTION Our products are channeled through a national professional distribution network. This ensures you have the products when and where you need them. VALUES Committed to our customers, our employees and our planet, Gerber employees strive to deliver world-class products and support that reflect our passion for excellence. KEY SEGMENTS From hotels to single-family residences, high- rises to hospitals, you can find Gerber products in many applications.

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